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Teaching Children to Read Using Different Approaches

Generally teaching to read should involve different methods. All methods need patience, consistency and creativity. It is very important to keep children interested and enthusiastic in the lessons at all times and it takes a lot of creativity to do this.

The phonics method is most widely used and the best known method for teaching to read and write in the English language. The system is based on children knowing the alphabet, by naming the letters and learning the sounds of each. After learning the sounds, they will blend two to three letters to form some simple words and then move on to using progressively more letters.

Children will need guide books using interesting words which they must sound out. When doing this, ensure that the children know the meaning of the words to keep them interested and boost their enthusiasm for learning more.

The look and say method

The look and say method involves recognizing whole words rather than individual sounds and then whole sentences. This method uses flashcards with pictures and with words written on them. This makes sure that the child will not make wild guesses and that the child will remember the pictures and associate it with the word.

The method is also known as the whole-language approach. Teaching to read this way involves memorization which some experts say make students poorer readers. The students are forced to learn to read using this method, although some of them can adapt easily to the method and some even benefits tremendously.

Many studies done have consistently found that the whole language method of learning to read produces poor results compared to a learning to read program which uses phonics and phonemic awareness. However, this is not to say that the look and say method doesn't have its place. Within the English lanugage, there are many words that are known as sight words, and these are words that you can sound out according to phonics rules, and must be simply known to the reader.

In general, a good, effective reading program should be focused on teaching phonics and helping the child develop phonemic awareness. This should then be combined with a minor amount of look and say practices for sight words that must be known by simply looking at them. Click the link below for one of the most effective programs that can teach children as young as 2 and 3 years old to read.

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